Sunday, 9 May 2010

A recent custom order

I recently got contacted by someone who wanted me to make a custom piece of jewellery as a gift for his wife for her birthday, his plan was to have a necklace that incorporated her birthstone and also birthflower (her birthday was in April so these were diamond and daisies). He'd seen my daffodil necklace and wanted the daisy included in a similar way.

In this case as it was to be a special item I made it using sterling silver chain and findings and decided the nicest way to incorporate the diamond was to use two small heart shaped swarovski crystals. To include real flowers in resin you have to ensure they're totally dehydrated as any moisture left will affect the resin and also could mean the flower can decay inside. This is usually done by burying the flowers in silica crystals abut a side effect is that the colours are also muted. So I decided instead to make the daisy, roughly full scale, out of polymer clay to keep it as realistic looking as possible.

You can see the pictures of the finished piece below, I'm happy to say the customer was really pleased with the piece and hopefully his wife was too!


  1. What a wonderful husband he is! I love the daisy- gives it a lovely spring/summer feel, I imagine wearing it walking along a beach with golden sand and the sun shining (can you tell I'm counting the days until summer!)

  2. Aww thats lovely!! And yes what a thoughtful hubby! :)

  3. Very well done - looks great - you did a fabulous job overall and the daisy looks very realistic! I love the fact that he included the birthstone and the birthflower - personalized detail and a gorgeous design.

    Its always fun doing custom pieces. I blogged to about a recent one I did in case you'd like to take a peek - (Cherrypik Jewels on facebook)

  4. thanks very much all of you, glad you like! I wasn't sure for a while if I could do the daisy well enough-made quite a few before getting one that looked realistic enough. x


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