Thursday, 27 May 2010

First attempt at something new...

I'd been thinking about buying a sewing machine for a while and had been looking into which type would be best to get when I saw one that seemed to have everything I wanted in a machine on sale. So about 6 weeks ago I became the proud owner of my very first sewing machine!

I'm pretty impatient so after having a quick play about with it to learn the basics I launched straight into trying to make a bag, I always lug about a lot of stuff in my bags so I like them to have lots of pockets and to be roomy enough for my assorted notebooks and diaries, pens and occasionally my boxing gloves for my martial arts classes! I found a pattern for a bowling style bag that I liked the look of and decided to give it a go; when I say found a pattern....I found measurements for the bag and rough instructions on how to make it and made up my own pattern (probably not the best things to do for a first attempt). I've made a few mistakes so far, one being that I meant for the side panels (beneath the start and end of the zip) to be cord like the front and back, but only realised I hadn't when I'd sewed it all together! Anyway, I'm very happy with how it's coming along so far, it's still a work in progress as I need to add the base, lining (which I'm doing in hot pink to match the humming bird) and work out how to incorporate some pockets on the inside and outside.

Since starting this I've also done some smaller items that I'm hoping to make more of in time for a fair mid June and if they go down well I might also sell through my online shops. I'm really looking forward to actually finishing my bag off first though and who knows, if I get good at these I might try selling them too!


  1. Ooh looking good! Don't worry mistakes are all part of the learning process I lose count of the amount of them I still make, lol!

  2. oh it is very nice, I wouldn't know how to do it at all, ha...

    did like your cat swap? you did say if you received it ok...

  3. Thank you both!

    Izabel - yes I love it! Just emailed you

  4. Looks great, and you say it's your first attempt!
    Well done and look forward seeing more of your sewing.


  5. I love the bag and the humming bird material which I made a tote out of earlier in the year. Great minds as they say.

  6. Lovely! I've just got my sewing machine out of the loft too , but i'm no where near your standard - well done!


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