Sunday, 21 November 2010

Discount offer

I recently made it up to 1000 fans/likers on my facebook page and to celebrate I wanted to do an offer of some kind, rather than do a giveaway where only one person wins I thought I'd offer a 15% discount to anyone who's a fan/liker. All I ask you to do is suggest my page to 5 or more of your friends, let me know you've done this (either by commenting here on on my facebook) and I'll message a code for 15% off any of my online shops.

Click here or on the picture for more details!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Custom lampshade

I recently got commisioned to make a martial arts themed lampshade for a baby boy's bedroom. The boy's dad is the head martial arts instructor at Kuk Sool Won Glasgow and uses a sillhouette of a kick as part of his promotional material. I'd been asked to make some wall transfers for the room first with the child's name and the kick sillhouette and so I thought it'd be good to try to incorporate the same theme into the lampshade.

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