Monday, 12 April 2010

My workspace

I'm pretty lucky in that I've got a spare bedroom in my flat which I could turn into my workshop, but as the property's rented I'm limited in what I can do with it so it tend to look a bit haphazard!

Another problem is that I live in an old style attic flat so the eaves of the roof mean I only have enough height for proper shelves, or to stand up properly, in the very middle of the room opposite my window. So to work around that I’ve got my t-shirt/hoodie production side of things all on low-level work surfaces, so I have to sit on the floor to work my heat press etc.

I’m on the lookout for more storage that fits the room and my needs – ideally something with loads of drawers so I can store away all my jewellery findings, beads, tools etc. And maybe has racks I can put all my sign and garment vinyl in…I think to get that I’d probably have to make it myself! So here’s what it looks like right now (excuse the mess please!):

I love my desk-my Dad made me it years ago and it's extra deep and has shelves and a drawer. It's currently stacked with jewellery findings, tools, markers & pens, tape etc. Stuff pinned up on the wall and board is info for projects I'm working on right now. You can just about see my shelves (in the tallest part of the room!) with a random assortment of books, fabric and works in progress.

My garment production area with heat press and some vinyls stacked behind. Underneath here is where the real mess is, packing materials (bubble wrap, mailing envelopes, boxes, bags, ribbon etc).

Another view of my desk with my wee craft robo cutting some vinyl ready for a t-shirt.


  1. Good luck with your organizing challenge!

  2. Thank you-I think i need a bigger house!

  3. Same here!! I really need something with many drawers! I've been told off by my mother in law as the room I'm using is full of jewellery findings, beads, tools v_v
    The desk your dad made looks great :)

  4. I love the desk! I used to live in an attic flat and loved the low ceilings and sloping bits - but I am very petite!

  5. Wow! What a lovely looking space to work in!

  6. thanks all, i love the attic flat it's just hard to find furniture to fit! and means half the room is out of bounds unless you're crawling. It's a great flat though.

  7. you are lucky I have half a dining table! Have you tidied up for the picture or is it always that neat & tidy? Also, have tagged you over at my blog for 7 things. Elissa x

  8. hi Elissa, I had tidied up as much as I could, usually you can't see the desk top! I'll get on my 7 things this weekend.
    Abi x

  9. good morn .. awesome work & blog ...

    out visiting this morn ..
    have an awesome weekend ..
    mona *& the girls

  10. I am loving your desk too, this is definitely something I need, my one doesn't really do what I need


  11. Nice too see into your workspace, it might be small but it looks great!


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