Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Packaging experiments

Like I said in a previous post I've been playing around with various types of packaging for my items in an attempt to work out which I want to use. I've mainly been using craft card finish boxes with a small sticker in the form of the bird in my current logo, tied with either twine or ribbon. But I've also sent out a few items with little canvas bags with my logo applied to them (see the photos), in these ones the items are first wrapped in tissue paper. You can see some variations on these in the photos below:

I'm determined to make time to do a proper set of branding materials this month (in time for my first fair in June!) and included in that will be my proper logo and a final decision on what packaging to use. I think I may end up using both bags and boxes as they both have their place. I've also got plans for packaging for my t-shirts/hoodies that I'll hopefully be able to roll out soon.

Currently I'm using up my hangtags I made for my t-shirts and altering them slighty so they work as business cards (which I send out with all orders). I plan to have new hangtags and business cards once I've decided on the design so in the meantime these are the one's I'm using (along with some wee badges I had done too):


  1. Looks lovely! I need to get some stickers and such to use on the boxes that I send out. I like the idea of the bags with the logo - that's lovely!

  2. the logo bags are so adorable. I love getting things in little canvas bags because I know I can re-use that bag around the house so easily!

  3. Wow it all looks very proffessional!
    I also love the little bags,they are so much more convenient when you are taking your jewellery out and about.

  4. Ooh looking good! Can I ask did you have a stamp made to get your logo onto your little canvas bags? If so let me know where you had it done through twitter, ta E x

  5. thank you all - looks like the bags are a popular choice!

    Elissa, no actually they're heat applied vinyl, the same stuff I use for my t-shirts. I made them up myself.

    I'm actually thinking of offering them in my shop for other sellers and I can put their logo on. I can do pretty much any colour, even glittery and metallics. This one's actually gold (I was experimenting with scaps of vinyl) though the picture doesn't show it well.

    What do you think would there be a demand? x


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