Thursday, 31 March 2011

Challenge 52

Right - in a concerted attempt to try to write more often on this blog (and also to get working through my supplies stash!) I've set myself a challenge-for the next 52 weeks I need to complete a brand new project, photograph it and write about it here. This could be making a new product for my online shops, a personal project (making something for me or producing a promotional item for example), a tutorial showing you how to make something, a new design for t-shirts/hoodies or a new project in my graphic design business. Basically anything that's new!

I'm hoping this is a good way to keep my business moving forward and to spur me to spend time creating promotional material (something i always put to the back-burner) and discovering new product lines; and hopefully make my blog interesting for you to follow.

Big challenge I think will be documenting it all, finding time to write up pieces and, more so, photographing things as this is where the Scottish weather works against me. Here's hoping the spring comes back soon and we get some nice, camera friendly weather.

So wish me luck, and if anyone else wants to join in with the challenge just add your blog link below and we can start out own wee challenge 52 club!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Club Clothing

I've been kept busy recently with quite a few orders for custom t-shirts. A few orders have been for birthday parties (and a hen night), a few one-offs and also some club clothing. The latest order I've been working on is for a club I actually go to myself: Sweat & Steel an offshoot of the martial arts school I attend. Classes consist of kettlebell/conditioning excercises and so they were after performance fitness type clothing rather than just bog standard t-shirts. The range we decided on consists of a mix of moisture wicking advanced fabric training tops and t-shirts and hooded tops. You can see some mock-ups of the range below:

Girls hoodie

I also set up a shop for the club on it's facebook page using the same application I use for my own (payvment) this app allows you to sell direct through your facebook page. The shopping cart payment is powered securly through paypal so facebook itself doesn't get access to anyone's payment details and customers don't even need a paypal account as they can pay using debit/credit cards as a paypal guest. To see the shops click on the "shop now" icon to the left under the profile picture on facebook.

Also payvment have recently launched a new service they see as being a potential contender to the ebay crown, anyone with a facebook shop can now opt for their items to be available in a global Shopping Mall marketplace. It works similar to ebay so items come up in search according to their relevance and again all payment is through paypal. It will be interesting to see if this gets us any more buyers and facebook visitors!

In the meantime if you have any enquiries about getting custom items of clothing/merchandise made up just contact me. I specialise in small to medium orders (of one-offs up) and you're not just limited to t-shirts, in the past I've done bags, aprons, hoodies, hats, laptop covers, phone covers, fashion & sports tops, wallets etc so if you've anything in mind just ask!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hooded top colours

See the picture below for the colours I can offer hooded tops in (click to see a larger version). I can apply your design in a choice of colour(s) too, including plain, metallic and glittery colours.

I take orders for one-offs (without any set-up fees) or for larger quantities, each can be a different colour/design colour too. Perfect for sports teams, company promotion, staff uniforms or even just casual wear.

For more information just get in touch:


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