Sunday, 28 February 2010

Personalised pendant giveaway!

My facebook fan page reached a milestone of 200 fans this weekend so to mark the occasion (if it can be called that!) I'm running a wee giveaway for two of my personalised photo pendants.

The winners just send me a digital copy of the picture they'd like on the pendant (it could be a photo, a drawing done by your child, anything that you like really) and I will produce a customised glass tile pendant with their choice of chain, ribbon, velvet or coloured silk necklace. You can see an example of the pendants below, these ones were made with fabric but the same process is used for pictures, they are about an inch square and made from crystal clear rounded glass tiles.

How to enter - to enter all you have to do is visit my shop (here), and then add your comment below telling me which item in the shop is your favourite.

There's a few ways you can comment here, beneath the comment box there's a drop down box entitled "comment as". If you have a google mail account you can select that, else you can select 'name & url' or 'anonymous'.

IMPORTANT - However you comment do it be sure to leave me your email address, or other form of contact so I can get in touch if you win!

Deadline - Comment before 12 noon on Sat 6th of March to enter, then I will select two winners using a random number generator site. Remember to leave me your details so I can get in touch if you win, and good luck!

I'm also planning to have some offers and discounts soon that are available exclusively to my facebook fans so visit my page here if you want to get involved.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Feature-tastic Week!

This week has been exciting so far - I noticed on Tuesday that I'd been featured in an Etsy treasury. Treasuries are small galleries that sellers make up to showcase items they like, usually with a theme. This treasury was made up by Missie Krissie who sells some beautiful delicate silver jewellery and the theme was 'Filigree' which is a metalworking style that produces items that almost resemble lace. My red suede heart bracelet was one of the items she featured in her picks (see below)!
red suede bracelet in etsy treasury

Then, this morning I found out I my green and gold greyhound necklace has also been featured on Cutable, a site (curated by Swirlyarts) that features cute items and accesories found for sale online.

Also my little glass mice phone/bag charms are on the Craft Blog UK (an online resource for UK craft businesses) as part of a post about how to promote your business.

And finally, to prove things come in fours not threes, today I also found out that I am a featured designer on Charlette Hupfield Ceramics' website! Charlette is a talented ceramic artist who recently took part in the Handmade Olympics she has included my citrus cufflinks in her featured artist gallery (see below). Thanks again to all the people who featured my work this week, you rock!

citris cufflinks on handmade showcase

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

First week on folksy and fabric

So my shop's been open a week and in that time I've made one online sale and six offline sales from people who'd seen the items on it, two of which were custom items (and one 'almost' sale to the US but the buyer disapeared and didn't complete payment!). So I'm happy with the start I've had! I'm still working hard to catch up with listing items, taking photos, updating facebook and twitter, trying out other online venues to sell and eventually I'll maybe get the time to make some more items. My first online sale was to a fellow folksy shop owner pussy galore who makes beautiful sock cats, check her out!

In the meantime I've discovered Spoonflower, a service that lets you get designs made into fabric, it's US based but looks great, hopefully in the future I'll be able to use it for a project. The way it works you upload your designs and then they'll print them for you but you can also sell your new fabrics to the public through the site, there is some really nice stuff on there, a wee showcase of some of my favourites is below:

This includes fabrics available from: craftylittlemia , renule , maile , petunias , bronhoffer , royal forest , cabinpressstudio , troismiettes and hlozik

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Online shop is open!

I've only uploaded some items and will update it over the next few days but my Folksy shop is open. I've started out with some jewellery and accesories and will expand as I get stuff photographed and made.

Check it out and leave me a comment to let me know what you think! Online shop

Monday, 1 February 2010

Alphabetti Spagetti

I dont know if it's a side effect of my graphic design work but I really love typography based design.

These typography drawers are my absolute favourite, they're from Kent & London and are handmade. A little out of my budget though!

Typographic soap from Soapy Love, scented with crushed peppermint the soap was molded from a unique silicone mold.

A - Z shelves, used to be made by Pottery Barn but have been delisted...they're crying out to be home-made though, hmm - if I ever have time!
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