Thursday, 3 June 2010

Recent swap...

I'm new to the world of swaps, I didn't even realise they existsed till I started getting involved in craft/handmade forums! But they can be quite a big thing and a chance to sample work from other crafty people. I heard that SpoiltPig was organising a cat themed swap and thought I'd give it a bash!

My swap partner was Izabela from Blue Fish Handmade and you can see the lovely things she sent me below. There was a little handmade crochet (or is this style called Amigurumi?) lilac cat, which has been promptly claimed by my own cat as his new favourite playmate, some stickers, some cute wee buttons and a wooden cat decoration too.

I've also added pictures of a couple of the things I sent Izabela, a pink necklace with a black cat shillouette and a set of four fridge magnets with different cat designs on them. I'd also sent her some shrink plastic to try out and some fluffy tiger stickers. I enjoyed swap, hope Izabela did too!


  1. Swaps are good fun. I have also just begun to swap with other crafters but I have a swap parner Aija and we have been swapping stuff for a couple of months, it makes getting post fun, now not just bills but lots of exciting stuff... enjoy....

  2. lovely post, thank you so much for that, I hope the kitty is ok and of course I enjoyed the swap a lot, my magnets are in the kitchen now (kids got bored as there was nothing to stick the magnets to in their room :) ) and my husband always says how cool they are :)

  3. the cat is brilliant! Thanks again x


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