Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Folksy Friday finds...

Letterpress printing is one of those things that one day I'd love the chance to do. Traditionally it's where a negative is made of the image you want to print (like a block or movable type-the loose metal letters you used to find in newspaper printers), the negative is inked and then pressed into the paper to produce a print. Because of the pressing motion letterpress printing is usually indented to various degrees, which you can see in some of the examples below. This is probably what I like so much about it, it has a tactile quality, and also due to the inking and press process no two can be produced exactly the same - mass production but not.

Letterpress printing can be used for everything that more modern printing is used for and is commonly used for high quality wedding invites. Now more modern processes have been devised it isn't as common as it once was as it's more labour intensive and more reliant on non-automated processes. There are some lovely printshops out there doing amazing work - but more about them in a future post! Right now here's some letterpress finds from the UK handmade marketplace Folksy to kick off my "Folksy Fridays".

aardvark on sea

From left to right the people featured above are AarkvarkOnSea, Biplane Press & Design, Lapwing Printworks, The Home Press and Print for The Love of Wood. Click on the pictures to visit the items or on the names to visit the shops.


  1. Interesting collection....great footpint print!

  2. Wow, the birth notifications are stunning. Just wished I could have found something like that when my babes were born!

    Lovely blog!

    Natalie x

  3. These sit really well together, love the shut your face book card! x

  4. Thanks for featuring me and for spreading letterpress love :)

    Fantastic looking blog, love the clean lines and have spotted the tutorial :)

  5. I've been eyeing up that AardvarkOnSea print ever since I started on Folksy!

  6. I love the kill your television one! I may need to go buy it...

  7. Great picks. I love the footprints :D


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