Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Online shop is open!

I've only uploaded some items and will update it over the next few days but my Folksy shop is open. I've started out with some jewellery and accesories and will expand as I get stuff photographed and made.

Check it out and leave me a comment to let me know what you think! Online shop


  1. Hello Abi - thanks for your comment, just found your shop and your stuff is lovely! I particularly love the flying grouse cufflinks! I noticed you are in Glasgow, are you selling at any markets?
    Maddi (Makes) xxx

  2. Thank you! No I'm not, not yet anyway, I've only just started making stuff to sell so I don't have the inventory built up really yet. There is a shop opening up this weekend near me who want to stock my stuff as soon as I'm ready for them.
    Are you in Glasgow too?

  3. Just saw from your profile you are - do you sell through markets or shops here?

  4. Your Folksy shop is looking great!
    Love the gin and tonic necklace especially..have started following you.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Your shop is great - I have also just put two things on Folksy - could you tell me how you added the Folksy link to your blog - I am on blogspot and would like to add it to mine. I have the etsy but not sure how to link the Folksy. Have a great day. Beverley

  7. elizabeths attic - thank you! You just go to here ( and click on whatever badge you want. It comes up with the code and you then copy this.
    Next go to your blogspot dashboard/layout and add a widget. Select the HTML widget and then just paste the code in.

    Remember to replace the bit with the address of your actual shop else it will ink to the folksy front page.

    Hope you can follow this - any problems just let me know and i'll write you some more detailed instructions!

  8. I just found your shop on Etsy, nice items and good luck! I'll be following you!

  9. thank you missy-ellen, love your blog too - that cake looks good!


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