Thursday, 25 February 2010

Feature-tastic Week!

This week has been exciting so far - I noticed on Tuesday that I'd been featured in an Etsy treasury. Treasuries are small galleries that sellers make up to showcase items they like, usually with a theme. This treasury was made up by Missie Krissie who sells some beautiful delicate silver jewellery and the theme was 'Filigree' which is a metalworking style that produces items that almost resemble lace. My red suede heart bracelet was one of the items she featured in her picks (see below)!
red suede bracelet in etsy treasury

Then, this morning I found out I my green and gold greyhound necklace has also been featured on Cutable, a site (curated by Swirlyarts) that features cute items and accesories found for sale online.

Also my little glass mice phone/bag charms are on the Craft Blog UK (an online resource for UK craft businesses) as part of a post about how to promote your business.

And finally, to prove things come in fours not threes, today I also found out that I am a featured designer on Charlette Hupfield Ceramics' website! Charlette is a talented ceramic artist who recently took part in the Handmade Olympics she has included my citrus cufflinks in her featured artist gallery (see below). Thanks again to all the people who featured my work this week, you rock!

citris cufflinks on handmade showcase


  1. That is wonderful! Always nice to hear stories about artisans being recognized! Keep up the good work :0)


    very pretty!


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