Monday, 23 February 2009

Make a ‘Contact Me’ page

Following on from step three - Making ‘about me’ static page

Before you start making your contact me page you need to create an html form. I found the easiest way to do this was to use a free online form generator. I used emailmeform but there are plenty to be found if you search online. All this site requires is a free registration then it takes you through the steps of making your own form, you can choose what you want the fields to be and how it’s delivered to you etc. Now you’ll get to a point where it asks you for your ‘Thank You’ page url. At this point I went back to my blog and created this page in exactly the same way as the about me instructions describe, but this time called it Thank You and didn’t add it to the linkbar. You can see mine here.

Once you’ve created your page remember to view it and copy the url just like before. This time paste it into the relevant box in the form generator site. This page is essentially hidden on your blog, no-one sees it till they’ve filled out the email form. If you want to see how I’ve done mine feel free to send me an email through the contact me form!

Ok so complete all the steps on the form generator site and you’ll get to the point where it gives you the html code for your form. Copy this, go back to your blog and, just like you did for your about me page, create a new page pasting this code into the page content box. Give your page an appropriate title and add to your link bar the same way as before. You can test it by sending yourself a practice email.

You can add other static pages in this way, blogger limits you to 10 pages in all though.

Go to step five - Hiding the sidebar on the static pages

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