Monday, 23 February 2009

Link to homepage and shop

Following on from the Previous step - Set up a navigation bar

Ok so you’ve clicked edit on your linkbar widget – a window should pop up now allowing you to add the first of your links. The first one I added was ‘home’. Simply type home in the ‘new site name’ box and paste your blog url into the ‘new site url’ box. Click on ‘Add Link’ and you’ll see Home appear at the bottom of this pop up window. Now enter ‘shop’ in the new site name box (or whatever you want to call your online shop link) and this time type or paste your online shop url into the new site url box. Again, add link, and it will appear above home at the bottom of the window. You can reorder the link using the wee up and down arrows beside them - the item at the top of the list will appear furthest left. Now you can click on save and go to ‘view blog’ and see if your new links appear on your blog! Remember we haven’t yet added any static pages so clicking ‘Home’ will just reload your blog. Clicking on your shop link should, hoever, open up your online shop if you’ve linked correctly. Now to add some pages.

Go to step three - Make an ‘About me’ page

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