Monday, 23 February 2009

Make an ‘About me’ page

Following on from previous step - Linking to home and my shop

To make your first static page go back to your dashboard and click on ‘new post’. Now if you’ve selected Blogger in Draft as your default dashboard you’ll now see ‘edit pages’ beside the usual ‘edit post’. Click on edit pages and select New Page. You can now give your page a title (I called mine about me) which will appear as a heading on the page, and type out anything you want to appear on the page. Once you’re happy with it click on ‘Publish’ and blogger will now ask you to select how you want your page to appear. This is where you want to select ‘no gadget’ so that blogger doesn’t add it’s own linkbar in, you’ve already set up all you need in the previous steps. Click ‘Save and Publish’ and when the confirmation page appears click on ‘View Page’. Blogger will now take you to your new page and what you want to do is copy and paste the url that appears in your browser.

Now go back to your dashboard, back to layout and click on your linkbar widget again. Add this new static page just like you did your home and shop pages, pasting the url into the new site url box. You can view your blog and check that your new link works and lets you switch between your About Me and Home pages.

Go to step four - Make a ‘contact me’ static page

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