Saturday, 2 January 2010

Setting up to sell online to do lists!

Trying to get ready to get items listed up online for sale but there so much to do and it can be a bit like the chicken and the egg....what to do first, what's better done when there's actually listings up.

I'm concentrating on setting up on Etsy first, even though it's a US based site (and so all transactions are in dollars) it seems to be the busiest handmade marketplace and where most people seem to get most success. So my logic is - is everything's set up on there then it should be easy to transfer to other marketplace sites. So currenty my to do list includes:

- research and write shop policies (shipping, returns etc)
- write descriptions for around 5 items to start me off
- photoshop the rest of the item photos ready for listing
- design and make packaging and basic business cards to send out with orders
- make a spreadsheet that lets me work out selling prices and also allows me to track etsy, paypal and postage fees
- sort out a paypal account

and that's before I start on getting t-shirt designs and other items made. My main problem at the minute is getting bogged down in researching things (like shipping policies etc), I need to stop reading and start writing! Plus I'm still trying to get some belated Christmas presents for friends made up too.

Here's a pair of transformers cufflinks I made for a friends birthday, I'm quite happy with the way they turned out, and some of my lastest batch of resin bits and bobs waiting to get polished up...

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