Wednesday, 30 December 2009

so adventures in blogging begin...

I design and make custom t-shirts, hoodies, jewellery and crafty things and am hoping to soon have some of my stuff up for sale on a couple of handmade marketplaces including Etsy and Folksy. I was hoping to have this done for the New Year but so much to do and so little time!

I thought I'd start off with listing some jewellery and add in my t-shirt designs and other assorted things as I get them finished. From other websites and shop listings I've seen I personally think photography ma
kes or breaks a shop so I was hoping to get some half decent shots done of a couple of items to start me off...not realising it's really not as simple as it sounds!

Spent most of my day messing about with a rough-and-ready lightbox set up (based on this tutorial) but I really don't have the lighting required (or maybe just the skill!) so ended up spending most of the time adjusting my images in photoshop.

I think I'm going to buy a couple of desk lights and experiment with some backgrounds. And mayb
e with a bit of practice I get clear shots without having to spend time editing out the shadows of my hand, camera, head etc etc!

ay....some initial shots.


  1. Well done on your first post! It's really informative and I will definately be trying that DIY lightbox as my pics are always poor and yours look fab! Will keep an eye our for your next contributions with interest!

  2. Thanks Minky, and thanks for following me (I returned the favour!)


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