Friday, 15 June 2012

...and I'm back!

So a very long time and no posts! The past few months I've been kept busy as I've taken on an HND in Sports Therapy and also doing a lot of training (at my martial arts club and kettlebell sport training). Birdcage Creative has still been around but I just haven't had much time to keep things up to date here, but term is over now so all systems go!

Although it's not the most business related news I wanted to take the opportunity to put up a wee update, and ask for your support in the process (skip to the end of the post for that one!)

June has been a hectic month so far for me, I promoted to black belt in Kuk Sool Won the first weekend of the month, which involved doing my last 3 hour testing with the Grandmaster's son and other high ranking black belts, receiving my promotion from the Grandmaster himself and taking part in a black belt demonstration afterwards - a long, but exciting, weekend!

Also this month the club I train at is hosting a two day training seminar ran by the top two kettlebell athletes in UK and Ireland, I can't wait! I've been doing more kettlebell sports training recently (see here for a bit more of an explanation) in preparation for upcoming competitions, first one is in a few weeks up in Aberdeen then in August the team is traveling to Kilkenny in Ireland for the Irish Kettlebell Sports Championships. The picture to the left was at the English Open Long Cycle Competition back in February.

To round off the month's events I'm taking part in a sponsored farmer's walk to raise finds for the gym I train at. A farmer's walk is an old strongman exercise for grip, back and leg strength that involves carrying weights in the hands over a distance. Sounds simple...but in this case we've set ourselves the ambitious target of carrying kettlebells for two miles. Considering my grip usually goes  over the distance of 10 meters in the gym this is going to be brutal!

If anyone would like to support me and sponsor this torture you can do it using the "Donate" button below. Thank you! And I promise the next post will be back to the usual Birdcage Creative!

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