Thursday, 31 March 2011

Challenge 52

Right - in a concerted attempt to try to write more often on this blog (and also to get working through my supplies stash!) I've set myself a challenge-for the next 52 weeks I need to complete a brand new project, photograph it and write about it here. This could be making a new product for my online shops, a personal project (making something for me or producing a promotional item for example), a tutorial showing you how to make something, a new design for t-shirts/hoodies or a new project in my graphic design business. Basically anything that's new!

I'm hoping this is a good way to keep my business moving forward and to spur me to spend time creating promotional material (something i always put to the back-burner) and discovering new product lines; and hopefully make my blog interesting for you to follow.

Big challenge I think will be documenting it all, finding time to write up pieces and, more so, photographing things as this is where the Scottish weather works against me. Here's hoping the spring comes back soon and we get some nice, camera friendly weather.

So wish me luck, and if anyone else wants to join in with the challenge just add your blog link below and we can start out own wee challenge 52 club!


  1. That sounds like a brilliant idea! I know what you mean, I hardly ever write on my blog (whoops!), and I have SO many half-finished ideas that I haven't gotten around to working on, so I may just join in with your challenge!!

  2. great - thanks nanuk, let me know if you do and I'll link to your blog. Someone also suggested making a graphic up people can use on their blogs if they're taking part so I'll do that too. x

  3. Just seen your post on the crafts forum. I am challenging myself to really make a go of my blog so would love to join in!..Now, what to make this week? :)

  4. whoo - that's great jo! Just had a look at your blog and love your mother's day card. I think I may do something fabric related this to make a dent in my fabric stash!

  5. I have decided to go for it and join in with your Challenge 52, I need the motivation! I have blogged about it here:

    Best of luck to anyone taking part!

  6. Hi, yes the graphic badge thingy was my idea! Like a fool, I have 2 neglected blogs, so will have good intentions to do something on both each week...or alternate between them or if I get really stuck I might just combine them and bin one of them!

    I will update at least one of them by tomorrow!

  7. I'm a bit late to be joining in with this challenge but I think it's a great idea! I need this to get me going again - I'll join you :-)

    p.s. great blog, Abi


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