Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Custom lampshade

I recently got commisioned to make a martial arts themed lampshade for a baby boy's bedroom. The boy's dad is the head martial arts instructor at Kuk Sool Won Glasgow and uses a sillhouette of a kick as part of his promotional material. I'd been asked to make some wall transfers for the room first with the child's name and the kick sillhouette and so I thought it'd be good to try to incorporate the same theme into the lampshade.

I developed the pattern below using the kick, the kicks that appear in white are the ones that would, in the final lampshade, be cut out so the light can shine directly through them to create sillhouettes on the ceiling/walls. the coloured ones were cut from garment vinyl (the same I use to make my t-shirts) and applied to the lampshade surface to form the full pattern.

I initially did the item as a black lampshade with the kicks in red, blue and cut-outs but the black blocked a bit too much of the light when the vinyl was layered on top so I did the final version as a cream lampshade. The finished shade was edged with black bias tape which I sewed on for security and secured to the lampshade frame. you can see the finished article below.

I'm thinking about doing some other designs for lampshades if anyone has any suggestions?


  1. Love it, the cut out looks really effective. So many different designs would work. Animals perhaps for a small kids room? Snowflakes for Christmas?

  2. Very creative design! I'll go for @Bluebell suggestion, snowflakes would be best for the coming christmas..

  3. Hello : ) I love it! More martial art forms would be cool, obviously - aikido uke flying through the air?


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