Saturday, 13 March 2010

Packaging and promotion

This week I got some nice promotional goodies sent to me from Lady Umbrella, a new T-shirt brand that takes their promotion work very seriously. They sent me some stickers and also a pin badge (see below)

I first found these guys on a t-shirt makers forum over a year ago and so saw the thorough approach they took to setting up their company and working towards a launch date. They fully launched their line this February and have already been featured in National media and one of their t-shirts will be in a new feature length movie Booked Out. Their approach to promotion is very inspiring. Now that I've started selling more items I really want to get definate packaging and promotional materials designed and this space!


  1. Hey, cheers for the mention...don't know if our promotion is "inspirational" at all but if it helps you in anyway awesome I say...looking forward to seeing your promo material - maybe we'll get a blog post done about it at some stage in the future too :) All the best...LadyUmbrella (Rob)..

  2. Everyone appreciates well designed stationary - I have wraps that go around my purses - and use lots of elements of my banner for stickers that I paste over most things and hand out at fairs, the kids like them and it's a nice icebreaker if someone is hovering near your stalll to offer their children the choice of a sticker.

    I like that Lady Umbrella is called Rob!

  3. yes i want to do stickers and some pin badges and a few other wee giveaway things too. It's just getting down to getting my logo actually designed! It's so much harder when it's for your own stuff.

    I think (not sure at all though!) that rob is one half of Lady Umbrella, I think there is a girl who illustrates the t-shirts and Lady Unbrella herself is the character depicted on them.

  4. Yes, you are correct...There are two of us who make up team LadyUmbrella...Rob (me) and the creative force that is Elena Montes Casado..whever we post from the same account we like to leave our names so you know who you can complain about ;)


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