Thursday, 26 August 2010

Custom pendants and giveaway winners

A while back I ran a giveaway that offered two winners the chance to get their picture of choice made into a customised necklace. The winners were picked randomly from everyone who commented on the giveaway post, I thought I'd show you quick how the necklaces turned out.

The first winner chose a picture that would remind her of her husband when he was away on duty, a picture of his plane flying through the sky.

The second chose a holiday photo and asked for it to be matched with a gold/beige satin necklace.

Both necklaces are made with 1 inch sqaure crystal clear glass tiles, the image is sealed before being bonded to the tile. A silverplated bail is attached to the back which is then coated with a thick layer of resin to both waterproof it and give a glossy finish. The pendant is then finished with a choice of chain/satin necklace.

I hope both winners were happy with the finished product! If you like these you can find customised necklaces listed in my shops (in £ here and in $ here). Any picture can be used (as long as you have copyright), for example a kids drawing, photograph, illustration, logo etc. You can see another pendant I was commisioned to make below, along with one I have made with decorative fabric.


  1. Very nice and thank you for sharing the creative process...

  2. ooo ooo! the second one is mine :) and let me say, I really do love it!


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